• EvolutionHD with Sandisk USB Recommended Media 2
  • DRSHD 1080p with WD Harddrive Recommended Media
  • HDMD1080p with JVC CD Recommended Media

Med X Change® Medical Video Recording Devices offer the ability to copy videos and stills to external devices, giving you the ability to leave the O.R. with your surgical information. The EvolutionHD and all other Devices are compatible with transferal to a USB Flash Drive and Portable External Hard Drive. The HDMD, HDMD 1080p and DRSHD 1080p are also capable of burning DVDs.

All video files are both MAC and PC compatible with the ability to use both of their video editing software. Files can be played back on any platform and can be transferred to an Apple or Andriod device. For seamless transferal between devices we recommend you use the following products:

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