• 4Klarity 4K Medical Video Recorder

    4Klarity 4K Medical Video Recorder

  • The new 6.0 Software Update for the DRSHD 1080p

    DRSHD 1080p Software Redesign

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  • HD Surgical Video Recorder - DRSHD 1080p

    DRSHD 1080p

  • Surgical Video Recording System - HDMD 1080p

    HDMD 1080p

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    MedXStream iOS App

  • Recording Alcon LenSx Eye Procedures in HD – by Med X Change® 2014

    Alcon® LenSx® Video Recording Capability

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  • Surgical Video - EvolutionHD

    Surgical Video

  • Medical Video Recorder - DRSHD 1080p

    Medical Video Recorder

  • HD video recording - HDMD 1080p

    HD Video Recording

  • Surgical Microscope Video Recorder - HDMD

    Surgical Microscope Video Recorder

  • Digital Recording System - EvolutionHD

    Digital Recording System

  • Endoscope Camera Recorder - DRSHD 1080p

    Endoscope Camera Recorder

  • Endoscope Video Recorder - HDMD 1080p

    Endoscope Video Recorder – HDMD 1080p

Med X Change offers the latest in Hi-Definition Surgical Video Technologies

 Med X Change® Inc. – HD Surgical Video Recording Systems – 1080p Medical Video Recorders

Med X Change, Inc. is a FDA registered Medical Device Company that produces Medical Video Recorders for the surgical environment. High Definition Video Recording / Capture is an essential part of today’s Operating Room. Surgical Video has a number of uses; including teaching and presentation, therefore the quality of the Medical Video is a key element. Focusing on FULL 1080p video recording allows Med X Change to produce the most brilliant 1080p surgical video possible for the users.

The Med X Change HD Surgical Video Recording Systems have a variety of key features specifically designed for Medical Capture; DICOM Integration, Auto Printing to Sony Medical Grade Printers, USB Capture and HIPAA Compliance. Whether the recording system is paired with a surgical microscope, endoscope, headlight or arthroscope; brilliant video and images will be captured.

Our Products

Our DRSHD 1080p Medical Video Recorder offers the latest in FULL 1080p video recording with a full-featured GUI (Graphical User Interface). This documentation system offers 1080p video recording complementing the new 1080p cameras in the marketplace. This recorder is most commonly used as an Endoscopy Camera Recorder in the surgical endoscopy marketplace, this product satisfies all feature requirements of today’s O.R. Learn more about our new 6.0 Software Update for the DRSHD 1080p.

Our HDMD 1080p is a custom built digital recording system which provides FULL 1080p HD & SD video recording and still image capture for the surgical environment. The HDMD 1080p is a state-of-the-art Full HD Recoding system with many features making it a very user friendly and effective recorder for the Operating Room often times paired with Ikegami Medical Grade cameras and monitors including the Ikegami MKC HD microscope cameras.

Our EvolutionHD video recorder is the preferred recorder for Alcon® LenSx® Video Recording. The EvolutionHD is compatible with and will accept and record the required resolution from the Alcon® LenSx® DVI port in high quality H.264 HD videos files. The HD Video files can be .mp4, mov or .avi files designed for playback and editing on MAC and PC. The EvolutionHD also pairs with our MedXStream™ app, just install our MedXStream™ app on your Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, connect securely and wirelessly to your EvolutionHD and instantly access your Surgical Cases to Review, Annotate, Playback, Download, Surgical Reporting, iOS7-9 Compatibility and even a Remote Control Feature.

4Klarity 4K UHD

True 4K UHD Video resolution will be the new standard in Operating Room surgical video cameras. The next step is to recorder 4K UHD surgical procedures with a 4K Medical Video Recorder/image management system designed for surgeons and the Operating Room Staff with a user-friendly workflow.

The Med X Change, Inc. 4Klarity 4K UHD Medical Video Recorder & Image/vision Management System will be the standard to takes 4K from the future into the present.