The Med X Change® Medical Video Records integrate seamlessly into a variety of Sony®* Medical Equipment Hardware including Sony® Medical Printers, Sony® Medical HD Cameras, Sony® Medical Monitors and Sony® DVD-s. Whether it is the latest Sony® Medical Printers or Sony® Medical HD Cameras; the Med X Change® Medical Video recorders, such as the EvolutionHD™, integrate seamlessly and function with these medical equipment/video products. The EvolutionHD™ Medical Video Recorder can connect directly via the HDMI Out to a number of HD Medical monitors that support 720p and FULL HD 1080p (1920(H) x 1080(V)) including the Sony® and Panasonic® Grade Medical monitors, LCD, OLED 2D and 3D displays. Such compatible devices are as follows:

Sony® Medical Grade Printers:

  • UPDR80MD
  • UPD55MD

Sony® Medical Grade HD Cameras:

  • PMW-10MD
  • MCC-500MD (MCC500MD)

Sony® Medical Grade SD Cameras:

  • DXCC33

Sony® DVD-R’s:

Sony® Medical Grade Monitor:

  • LMD2451MD

Sony® Medical Grade OLED Monitor:

  • PVM2551MD

*All Sony® products listed are Registered Trademarks of Sony®