4K UHD Medical Video Recorder

Every different type of surgical specialty, surgical microscopes, surgical endoscopes, medical room cameras etc. will soon feel the impact of new 4K UHD Video resolution. Surgeons are already testing 4K UHD video in the operating rooms around the world. 4K UHD will, at some point, replace 1080p as the medical video standard. Apple is already selling 4K displays along with Dell, Samsung, and others. Medical Grade 4K displays are coming soon as well.

Medical devices, including microscopes, endoscopes, true HD cameras, vision microscopes etc. are all going in the direction of 4K UHD medical video systems. Recording systems/medical video recorders will need to support this 4K UHD resolution for video capture to effectively deliver to surgeons and healthcare professionals precisely what they need. Leica, Zeiss, Mitaka and Haag Streit microscopes will all support 4K cameras and 4K endoscope cameras are soon to follow. The Med X Change 4K medical video recorder will offer all features, quality and workflow tat today’s healthcare professionals are in need of in a small, compact and feature rich surgical video capture/medical system.

For 4K UHD interest, please Email: 4k@medxchange.com