Universal Interface Engine (UIE)

The gateway between a hospital’s EMR, PACS, VNA systems and any Medical Video Capture System

Med X Change, Inc.’s Universal Interface Engine (UIE) is a software application designed to operate on a facility’s network which will act as a gateway between the hospital’s EMR, PACS, VNA systems and any Medical Video Capture System (via DICOM and other standards). The UIE will receive and store HL7 messages from a hospital’s EMR system and make EMR data available for Medical Video Capture Systems to exchange via DICOM protocols. Then produce HL7 ORU result messages with media items for integration/linking back into the EMR.

The UIE will also be able to optionally send DICOM media files to hospital PACS systems or VNA systems.


  • EMR send HL7 ADT, SIU or ORM message to the UIE
  • UIE translates and converts that to Modality Work list
  • The Medical Video Capture System query’s UIE via MWL and imports patient data
  • The Medical Video Capture System during or post case send back images/video via c-store to UIE
  • UIE converts to HL7 results messages and content via hyperlink


  • Linux e.g. Ubuntu 18.04 (Preferred) or Windows 10 Professional with Hyper-v
  • Network access (internet connectivity for automatic updates)
  • 8GB of memory
  • 32GB SSD for O/S and Software, Additional disks for storage


  • Uni-directional (Orders only, Results only) or Bi-Directional (Orders and Results)
  • Supported HL7 message types:
    – S12 Notification of New Appointment
    – S13 Notification of Appointment Rescheduling
    – S14 Notification of Appointment Modification
    – S15 Notification of Appointment Cancellation
    – S17 Notification of Appointment Deletion
    – ORU Observation Result
    – Can easily be configured to receive/send other message types
  • Can be configured to accept other types of HL7/HL7v2 messages
  • Ability to encapsulate pdf’s within outbound HL7 messages
  • Can be configured to accept WorkLists as XML, JSON, or delimited text
  • Provides WorkList API for custom integrations
  • Process DICOM C-store request from recorders and other devices and generate HL7 ORU messages
  • Email and web admin notifications for various events including messages processed and errors
  • Powerful web-based administration portal
  • DICOM TLS supported via automatic configuration or custom SSL certificates
  • HIPAA compliant cyber security
iPad MedXStorage Server


Next step for UIE is adding a optional Content Management Module for Storage which will complement the Brokering portion and allow storage of case data, linkable HL7 ORU results, Physician and patient access all encrypted and authenticated.