Teac Medical Grade Compatible Hardware

The Med X Change HD high-definition Medical Video Recorder, HDMD 1080p, utilizes a Teac DVD Burner for our Medical Video Recorder DVD drive. Whether it is the latest Teac DVD Burner in the Med X Change HDMD 1080p Video Recorder or the Simple to use EvolutionHD; Med X Change HD Medical Video Recorders connect and accept a variety of HD connections such as DVI or 3G HD-SDI and can burn the HD Videos onto Teac DVD Burners or other USB media including network communication. Teac produces high quality DVD Burners which is why it was chosen in one of Med X Change’s high-definition medical video recorder products.

The EvolutionHD Medical Video Recorder by Med X Change®

Other high-definition medical video recorders such as the EvolutionHD integrate with the iOS/Android App, MedXStream for wireless control and communication in the Operating Room. The EvolutionHD offers the latest in FULL 1080p video recording in a compact Medical Video Recorder all while delivering brilliant HD video quality designed for Apple and Windows editing. The User Interface is similar to an iPad or Android device, drawing similarities of both to offer easy user control all while delivering some of the best HD video quality in the surgical market. Whether the EvolutionHD is used as a Surgical Microscope Video Recorder or Endoscope Video Recorder, the ease of use is intuitive.
teac medical grade compatible hardware evolutionhd surgical video recorder

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