• MedXChange DRHSD1080p Medical Video Recorder-ENDOHD Software Redesign
  • MedXChange DRHSD1080p Medical Video Recorder-ENDOHD Software Redesign
  • DRSHD 1080p ENDOHD Software Teaser

Introducing the upcoming new Software Update for the DRSHD 1080p Medical Video Recorder. The Software Update is an entirely new Software design focusing on ease use, a modern look & feel, improved customer WorkFlow and the addition of the MedXStream iOS App from the Apple App Store. Some Key Features for the new Software Update for the DRSHD 1080p are: 


  • Individual Surgeon profiles and preferences
  • Export User Manual to USB in PDF format
  • Customized Windows 7 Embedded Operating System
  • Support for exFAT and GPT Protective USB drives
  • Remove cases on system older than 30, 60, 90, or 120 days manually
  • Optional automatic deletion of cases older than 60, 90, 120 days upon software launch
  • Support for unique Performing Physician print, media, annotations, patient field, and procedure settings
  • Support for Chinese(Traditional), Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Korean
  • Voice to Text recognition for image annotations
  • Voice to Text real-time annotations

Wireless Integration of the iOS App MedXStream

  • Create Work List entries
  • Wireless & automatic transfer of HD Still Images
  • Wireless or wired transfer of HD Surgical Videos
  • Record FULL 1080p HD medical video to a iPad/iPhone via USB cable
  • Create PDF Surgical Reports with image annotations and mark-ups
  • Audio dictation embedded into PDF Surgical Reports
  • Open downloaded videos in 3rd party Apps
  • Email, Open In, Export, Video Editing and more
  • Voice to Text real-time transfer to iOS App MedXStream

Custom Image Annotations

  • C# Client SDK Access


  • Manually print while auto-print is enabled
  • Send prints to PDF document for paperless facilities
  • Landscape printing support for 1 and 4 prints per page
  • 6 footer options available
  • Auto-print layout may be adjusted during an open case


  • Ability to disable Auto-send of DICOM cases
  • Optional notification of eligible media items sent over DICOM
  • Ability to filter the DICOM Modality Work List to only download a specific AE Title


  • Optional security feature to prevent unauthorized access to software application
  • Patient information is only linked to media within the software application database
  • Users have the option to remove patient information from media through copy, burn functions and archived cases


  • Support for SIU^S13, S14, S15 messages