The Med X Change HD/4K Medical Video Recorders integrate with a variety of Ikegami Medical Grade Compatible Hardware (HD and 4K) including Ikegami Medical Grade HD/4K Cameras and Ikegami Medical Monitors. Whether it is the latest Ikegami Medical HD Cameras; the Med X Change HD Medical Video Recorders, such as the 4Klearity, EvolutionHD, DRSHD 1080p or the HDMD 1080p, connect and accept a variety of 4K and HD connections such as DVI or 3G HD-SDI from the Ikegami Medical Grade 4K/HD Cameras and Monitors. The EvolutionHD Medical Video Recorder can connect directly via the HDMI Out to a number of HD Medical monitors that support 720p and FULL HD 1080p including the Ikegami and Sony Grade Medical monitors, LCD, OLED 2D and 3D displays. Such compatible devices are as follows:

Ikegami Medical Grade HD Cameras:

  • MKC-750UHD Medical Grade 4K UHD Camera
  • MKC-704KHD Medi cal Grade 4K UHD Camera
  • MKC-500HD
  • MKC-300HD
  • MKC-230HD
  • MKC-210HD

Ikegami Medical Grade Monitors:

  • MLW-3226-3D
  • MLW-2626-3D
  • MLW-3226C
  • MLW-2626C
  • MLW-2623C
  • MLW-2425C
  • MLW-2422C