Med X 变化, a leading designer of FULL HD Medical Video Recorders, has been working with Leica Microsystems, 领先 手术显微镜制造商, for over 15 years. Most recently, 医学X更改产品已完全集成多 HD医疗视频录像机 成若干 徕卡手术显微镜. The advantages of full integration into the microscope stand are improvements in ease of use, reduces floor space, improves customer workflow and allows the O.R. staff to work freely on the technology without hindrances that surgical carts create.

  • MedXChange DRHSD1080p医疗录像机,ENDOHD重新设计软件
  • Leica Microscope integration with Med X Change Medical Video Recorders
  • 与医学X更改EvolutionHD手术录像机徕卡显微镜集成

Med X Change’s HD Medical Video Recorders have fully integrated with the following surgical microscopes manufactured by Leica Microsystems:

…and more are on the way in 2017!

EvolutionHD and the HDMD 1080 p, both FULL HD Medical Video Recorders, seamlessly integrate with the microscope stands, providing high definition video recording without interrupting surgical workflow. These small, powerful, high end medical video recorders with state-of-the-art features delivers surgical content automatically to Apple® iPad and iPhone mobile devices. 从显微镜视频录制适用于除医学研究领域的许多手术,如 药物测试尿液分析.


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Leica Microscope integration with Med X Change Medical Video Recorders

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