Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement explains how Med X Change, Inc. collects, uses, shares, and protects information for all purposes as listed above and mentioned in this Statement.

This Privacy Statement applies to the Personal Information of consumers that is collected or used by Med X Change, Inc. This statement applies to all the personal information that we collect when consumers interact with our company, such as when visiting our websites, when using the products or services offered by Med X Change, Inc., when purchasing our products or services, when contacting customer service, and when interacting with our company as a business customer.

This includes all online and offline collections of all types of personal information. However, some Med X Change, Inc. collections involve types of data with special requirements like health care related PI (Personal Information) which is explained in our CyberSecurity guides and documentation. Med X Change, Inc.’s scope of information collection may include personal information for purposes including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Buying Med X Change, Inc. products and services.
  • Activating or registering certain products and services or enhancing functionality.
  • Receiving information about Med X Change, Inc. products and services.
  • Resolving consumer and/or product and services issues.
  • Contract or tender management.

Med X Change, Inc. maintains physical, technical, and administrative safeguards to protect your personal information and only allows disclosures as permitted by law to assist in providing products or services. Personal information collected may include:

  • Contact information, such as name, address, email, telephone number, fax number, organization name, and/or job title.
  • Unique identifiers and preference information such as username, password, internet protocol (IP) address, browser type, operating system, computer or mobile device.
  • Pictures, video and audio recordings where you have provided your permission.

Med X Change, Inc. will retain and use the personal information collected for above mentioned processes and processing purposes accordance with legal obligations. The legal basis Med X Change, Inc. uses to process Personal Information will be dependent on the processing purposes and the jurisdictional legal requirements. Where the personal information collected involved is of EU citizens, in general, we use the following basis:

  • Consent (permission) to use the personal information, i.e. where this involves (digital) direct marketing activities and where we would like to use a photo, video or audio recording with identifiable individuals for external publishing.
  • Establishment or performance of a contract, i.e. where we enter into a contract with a party and we collect contact information and signatures, as well as potential bank account details that may be linked to a representative of a company we do business with.
  • Compliance with a legal obligation as per HIPPA and GDPR and other alike laws and regulations.

If you choose not to provide the personal information we reasonably require, it may hinder Med X Change, Inc.’s ability to provide the information or services you have requested.

Cross-border transfer
To the extent personal information is transferred out of the country where the owner of that personal information lives, such as to Med X Change, Inc.’s affiliates or business partners in other countries, including in the United States, different standards may apply to how your data is used and protected in those countries. Med X Change, Inc. has appropriate safeguards in place in accordance with applicable legal requirements to ensure that data is adequately protected irrespective of the country. This includes obtaining written assurances whenever applicable and possible from any third party given access to your data so as to require them to adopt standards that ensure an equivalent level of protection for data as that adopted by Med X Change, Inc. and standardized safeguards and contractual measures (based on the European Commission Model Clauses) for internal data transfers to Med X Change, Inc. affiliates in third countries which are deemed to provide an inadequate level of data protection.

Med X Change, Inc. will retain your personal information for as long as allowed by HIPPA, GDPR and other relevant laws and binding regulations. Protected health information returned in equipment for service will only be retained as long as necessary to complete root cause investigations after which it will be destroyed.


Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy applies to the present website operated by the Med X Change, Inc.

When you visit Med X Change, Inc. websites, information is stored on your terminal device in the form of a “cookie.” Cookies are small files that are stored on your device (e.g. computer or mobile) and save certain settings and data to exchange with our websites via your browser. For example, cookies enable us to tailor a website to better match your interests or to store your password so that you do not have to re-enter it every time. As a general rule, we never collect personal data via cookies, unless you have given us your express permission to do so. If you do not want us to recognize your terminal device, please configure your Internet browser to erase all cookies from your device, to block all cookies, or to receive a warning before a cookie is stored. You will find brief instructions on how to do this below. Please note that certain functions of our website may no longer work, or work correctly, without cookies.

Types of cookies
Cookies can be assigned to four categories, depending on their function and intended purpose: absolutely necessary cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies, and cookies for marketing purposes.

Absolutely necessary cookies are needed for you to navigate within Med X Change, Inc. websites and operate basic website functions, such as the issuance of anonymous Session IDs for bundling several related queries to a server.

Performance cookies collect information on the usage of our websites, including for example the Internet browsers and operating systems used, the domain name of the website which you previously visited, the number of visits, average duration of visit, and pages called up. These cookies do not store any information that would make it possible to personally identify the user. The information collected with the aid of these cookies is aggregated and is therefore anonymous. Performance cookies serve the purpose of improving the user friendliness of a website and therefore enhancing the user’s experience. You can block the use of such cookies by creating an exclusion cookie (see “managing cookies” below).

Functional cookies enable a website to store information the user has already entered (such as user ID, language selection, or the user’s location), in order to offer improved, personalized functions to the user. Functional cookies are also used to enable requested functions such as playing videos and to make a user’s decision to block or disable a certain function (e.g. web analysis) persistent (“opt-out cookies”).

Cookies for marketing purposes are used to offer more relevant content to users, based on their specific interests. They are also used to limit the display frequency of an ad and to measure and control the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They register whether users have visited a website or not, and which contents were used. This information may possibly also be shared with third parties, such as advertisers, for example. These cookies are often linked to the functions of third-party websites. You can block the use of such cookies by creating an opt-out cookie (see “managing cookies” below).

Managing cookies
Please note: Not all of the cookies mentioned below will necessarily be used when you browse our websites.

How can I deactivate cookies?
In the following you will find a summary of links that provide detailed information on the deactivation of cookies in commonly used browsers:
Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and other browsers.

If you have any further questions about our Cookie Policy, please contact us to send us your questions and suggestions. This Cookie Policy is updated from time to time. You will find the date of the latest update at the top of this page necessary to comply with legal obligations or for no longer as required for legitimate business purposes.