The EvolutionHD™ and all Med X Change® medical video recorders offer the latest in FULL H264 1080p video recording in a compact form factor. The videos are PC, MAC, Apple and Android compliant. All Med X Change® medical video recorders are also compatible with Sony® Medical devices such as Sony® HD Medical Grade cameras and Medical Grade monitors. The User Interface is similar to an iPad or Android device to leverage the common experience users have with modern phones and tablet devices.

Todays latest technology in the Operating Room comprise of a variety of medical devices including HD monitors and HD cameras, for this reason the recording device needs to have the versatility to accept a number of different connections (DVI, 3G HD-SDI, S-Video, Composite) but also output multiple types such as HDMI and VGA; this allows integration with Sony® Medical Devices such as HD medical cameras and HD medical monitors. Medical Device compatibility is a must in today OR to ensure a seamless workflow for the operating room staff. Such compatible devices are as follows:

Sony® Medical Grade Printers:

  • UPDR80MD
  • UPD55MD

Sony® Medical Grade HD Cameras:

  • PMW-10MD
  • MCC-500MD (MCC500MD)

Sony® Medical Grade SD Cameras:

  • DXCC33

Sony® DVD-R’s:

Sony® Medical Grade Monitor:

  • LMD2451MD

Sony® Medical Grade OLED Monitor:

  • PVM2551MD

Sony Surgical Device Compatible - HDMD 1080P Surgical Video Recording System

Sony Medical Device Compatible - Evolution HD Medical Video Recorder

Sony Medical Device Compatible - DRSHD 1080P Medical Video Recording System

*All Sony® products listed are Registered Trademarks of Sony®