Medical 4K Camera Recording System - 4Klear

The 4Klear Medical 4K Camera & Recorder solution is the first of its kind for a Medical 4K Video Solution. Along with two products in one, the 4Klear takes it a step further and uses Native 4K CMOS technology to produce as true a 4K UHD image as possible without any up scaling of any kind. Encoding of 4K50/60fps will allow surgeons to better present surgical procedures for colleagues and academia needs. Simple software and a 12.7cm multi-touch screen creates an ease of use unlike any other medical camera.

True 4K CMOS chip is the next step in camera technology in the medical market. With a native 4K chip, no information has to be in-organically created such as competitive 4K cameras that have to upscale or use 1/2 pixel-offset technology. This allows the 4Klear camera to produce the best possible image representation to what the surgeon sees in the microscope eyepieces.

Built for future standards, the 4Klear Medical 4K Camera has a 12G-SDI output to connect to the upcoming 12G-SDI medical 4K monitors. One cable instead of 4 will reduce cost and cable management challenges in the Operating Room.

Medical 4K Camera Video Recorder - 4Klear
Medical 4K Camera Video Capture - 4Klear

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