The True Native 4K 4Klear 4K Surgical Camera & Recording combination product is the first of its kind for a 4K Medical Video Solution. It combines two products into one to save space and cost but using a True Native 4K 1/2” CMOS chip inside the remote head camera and adds 4K60Hz recoding in the CCU. The CCU leverages an embedded Linux platform for all the image management features.

The 4K camera outputs are as follows: 12G-SDI (or quad SDI/ 6G-SDI), HDMI 2.0 and 3G-SDI along with a 3G-SDI input to accept external HD cameras. The 4Klear includes an integrated 12.7cm multi-touch LCD to control the medical camera and recorder features

4K Surgical Camera Recording System - 4Klear

4K Surgical Camera Video Recorder - 4Klear
4K Surgical Camera Video Capture - 4Klear

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