Introducing the upcoming new 6.1 Software Update for the DRSHD 1080p Medical Video Recorder.  The 6.1 Software Update is an entirely new Software design focusing on ease use, a modern look & feel, improved customer WorkFlow and the addition of the MedXStream iOS App from the Apple App Store. Some Key Features for the new 6.1 Software Update for the DRSHD 1080p are: 


  • Individual Surgeon profiles and preferences
  • Export User Manual to USB in PDF format
  • Customized Windows 7 Embedded Operating System
  • Support for exFAT and GPT Protective USB drives
  • Remove cases on system older than 30, 60, 90, or 120 days manually
  • Optional automatic deletion of cases older than 60, 90, 120 days upon software launch
  • Support for unique Performing Physician print, media, annotations, patient field, and procedure settings
  • Support for Chinese(Traditional), Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Korean
  • Voice to Text recognition for image annotations
  • Voice to Text real-time annotations

Wireless Integration of the iOS App MedXStream

  • Create Work List entries
  • Wireless & automatic transfer of HD Still Images
  • Wireless or wired transfer of HD Surgical Videos
  • Record FULL 1080p HD medical video to a iPad/iPhone via USB cable
  • Create PDF Surgical Reports with image annotations and mark-ups
  • Audio dictation embedded into PDF Surgical Reports
  • Open downloaded videos in 3rd party Apps
  • Email, Open In, Export, Video Editing and more
  • Voice to Text real-time transfer to iOS App MedXStream

Custom Image Annotations

  • C# Client SDK Access


  • Manually print while auto-print is enabled
  • Send prints to PDF document for paperless facilities
  • Landscape printing support for 1 and 4 prints per page
  • 6 footer options available
  • Auto-print layout may be adjusted during an open case


  • Ability to disable Auto-send of DICOM cases
  • Optional notification of eligible media items sent over DICOM
  • Ability to filter the DICOM Modality Work List to only download a specific AE Title


  • Optional security feature to prevent unauthorized access to software application
  • Patient information is only linked to media within the software application database
  • Users have the option to remove patient information from media through copy, burn functions and archived cases


  • Support for SIU^S13, S14, S15 messages