HD Video Recording - by Med X Change® 2017HD Video Recording – by Med X Change® 2017

“Not all HD Video Recording is created equal”. Just because a company sells HD Video Recorders, it doesn’t mean that all HD Video Recording is the same.

The Med X Change Medical Recorders and 1080p video recording, is captured at specifically very high quality H.264 .mp4 video files at High@Level 4.2 that are MAC, iPad, iPhone and Android compatible.

This will create some of the clearest possible video in the surgical market. Not only is live video important in the operating room, but recorded video, specifically 1080p video for post-case use is a critical part for learning and knowledge transfer when teaching and presentation.

USB Capture to remote devices further makes the video portable and ideal for presentation and editing on an iPad, iPhone or MAC laptop.

Video is only as good as its weakest link, and the Med X Change Medical Video is some of the best.